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Whether you studied German, Geography or Graphics for your undergraduate degree, there are an abundance of (funded) opportunities to seize amazing opportunities in China. Whilst tuition fees for UK Masters Programmes are relatively cheap when compared with the USA for example, not everyone can whip out £10,000 for tuition along with a further £10,000 for maintenance costs. 

MyBambooBridge has sought to provide information on Masters Programmes, Language Programmes and everything else in between so that if you feel at a loss after graduation, you might consider spending some time in China. So many of these programmes are funded, so you shouldn't have to feel that the state of your bank account will prevent you benefiting from the same incredible opportunities as others. 

Generation UK

Generation UK aims to help British students boost their employability and develop a globally orientated mind-set through study & work experiences in China! Join the community here on LinkedIn  to see even more job and study opportunities!

Language and Cultural Exchanges

A 3-week immersive study programme at a leading Chinese university campus, managed by the University of Manchester and funded by the UK Government Department of Education. You will receive 40 hours of intensive Chinese Mandarin (applicants from absolutely 0 language experience to multilingualism may apply) as well as excursions, workshops and trips. See blogs from previous participants as well as tips on securing additional funding from your university. If you are currently enrolled in Higher Education in the UK and meet the eligibility criteria, apply now!


  • Accommodation, tuition and all trips fully funded

  • Enhance your CV 

  • Global experience 

  • New personal and professional opportunities


  • Flights (£450-900), insurance, visa (£170), vaccinations, food, and personal spending (£250-400) not financially covered





The British Council in China annually offer Generation UK scholarships for outstanding UK students who want to study at mainland Chinese universities. You get to choose what, where and for how long you study – as long as the Chinese institution is approved by the Ministry of Education to accept foreign students. All scholarships cover tuition fees (up to 30,000RMB), accommodation, and a monthly living allowance (3,000RMB) to help with day-to-day expenses. You will need to cover the cost of your own flights, visa, insurance, vaccinations and personal spending money.

 - Autumn language &Internship programme - 

This 8-week, Generation UK autumn programme offers those currently enrolled full-time in a UK university and * in receipt of or have received a Maintenance Grant from Student Finance or SAAS bursary for Scottish students during their university career* a chance to learn Chinese Mandarin and undertake work experience in an industry of your choice. Generation UK funding covers language classes, cultural activities, internship placement fees, accommodation and comprehensive travel insurance (essential), as well as airport pick-up and support throughout the placement. You must pay for your own daily living expenses, flights and visa.

Indpendent Language Courses

If you want to go down a more independent route, there are many Chinese universities offering Language Programmes of various lengths and academic demands- previous UK students have found enrolling onto these programmes isparticularly useful if you find yourself at a cross-roads between school and university, or even between a career change. 

Masters Programmes