MyBambooBridge is an online platform for young Brits who are interested, engaged and fascinated with China. The aim is to bridge the gap in cross-cultural, Sino-UK understanding by demonstrating a wealth of innovative, exciting and novel information about modern China - from an angle often left out of textbooks.  

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Founder of MyBambooBridge 


Olivia Halsall

"On A level results day, I changed my undergraduate university course from Sociology to Modern Languages (Advanced French & Beginner Chinese) with Business Management. A little like drinking whisky for breakfast, I thought to myself, "this will either go horribly wrong, or it'll be the best decision of my life to date".


Starting Chinese Mandarin from scratch was not easy; I found myself straining over a monotonous textbooks, grappling with characters and understanding nothing about China itself. In the end, I ditched the textbooks and instead taught myself song lyrics to ludicrous Chinese songs, read up about contemporary history, went on a 3 week trip to China funded by the British Council, and started writing articles about my experiences whilst on exchange in Beijing. 


China is a vibrant, fascinating and ever-changing country. In light of Brexit, the UK edges towards an uncertain future. To secure a future in which the UK remains home to globally-orientated, empathetic and impressive young people with an international outlook, strengthening relations with other nations is fundamental. Understanding China creates numerous opportunities for young Brits whether in business, academia or the arts - and I hope that MyBambooBridge will help you to do exactly that."

If you are in Shanghai (09/2018 - 07/2019) and want to contribute to MyBambooBridge, drop me a message on WeChat (livhalsall95)!